Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea.... Digital Files to create your own gift

Introducing the option to buy digital files of my photos

Need a good gift idea for someone on your list? 
Buy a digital file of one of my photos that you enjoy and print a customized piece of art or photo to give as gifts. 

I have updated my pricing section on my blog to include: 
Digital Files - $5
Like one of the photos you see on my blog? Want the digital file so you can print it yourself? Email me and let me know what photos you liked and what post it is from and I will email you the digital files for only $5. 

Buy 5 digital files and get one free! - $25 for 6 photos

Here are a few examples, I will post a few more in the next couple of days. 

Happy Holidays!
- Kirsten

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