Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We made our own wine barrel entry table and coat rack

This is our latest project. We ordered a used wine barrel and wine barrel stave (the slats of the barrel) from our favorite winery, Alexandria Nicole Cellars

When it arrived it was exactly how we hoped it would be. It had character and the wood was even stained red by where the cork went. It smelled really good too! 

It looked a little unfinished to be a focal point in our house so we thought we would try staining it. We bought a nice oak stain at Lowe's and painted it onto the barrel. I was nervous because I didn't want it to loose any character, but in the end we really liked how it turned out. A lot of the spots and blemished still stand out and the red around the stopper hole stayed too! 

Here is the finished project! Our wedding picture at Silver Lake Winery hangs above it.

And here is what we did with the barrel stave.
We bought coat hooks and attached it to the stave and then hung it on the wall. I think it makes our entry way look more inviting and it will be nice for our guests to have a cool place to hang their coats!

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