Thursday, March 13, 2014

Traveling to Cannes, France - a great beach town destination!

After traveling in Italy for two weeks, we headed over to France to get a little culture change for a while. We were ready for some different cuisines besides Italian and also to relax on the beach for a couple of days. We thought about staying in Savona Italy on our way to France. Garrett found a cool hotel on the beach there, so we entered that into our GPS and headed to the beach! When we got there, the whole town seemed really industrial and not at all what we were expecting, so we decided to just continue on driving to France. 

We ran into a couple of things that we didn't think about though... we didn't really research how to drive in France and we also didn't have a French sim card so our phones (which we were using to navigate) wouldn't work for us. So... with spotty cell coverage before we crossed over the border, I tried to find us a hotel to stay at and also to memorize how to get there! I found a hotel called "Hotel America"  (how risky of us! lol.) in Cannes, it was the closest one to the beach I could find that was a decent price and looked really nice inside. When we crossed the border, we lost service and were on our own. 

The toll stations were totally different as well as the road signs so Garrett had to learn everything over again! But we made it there without getting lost. 
I loved the look and feel of our room with the book wall paper. 
When we pulled up to the hotel, they had us park on the sidewalk while we got checked in. The street our hotel was on was really cute too.
Cannes was truly a beautiful and relaxing beach town. They have fabulous shopping and a lot of restaurants to choose from! And the beach, marina and yachts were gorgeous!
This was the view from our hotel room window. 

After we checked into our hotel and we explored the town a bit and got a bite to eat at one of the hotel beach restaurants. 

I love ranunculus flowers and the grow them all over France and Italy.

For dinner we were craving something besides Italian food so we found a fun, but touristy restaurant that had a hamburger and fries for Garrett, his favorite. I got a fried goat cheese saled and salmon tartare. YUM! I also got fries with my meal and for some reason, the way they cooked them, they were the best fries we have ever had. The oil and salt that they used is so flavorful.

On our second day, we rented some beach chairs for about 40 Euros for the day. A bit pricey, but well worth it for the total relaxation. The weather was hot and views pristine. :)

Cannes public beach
Maxin and relaxin! We tried real champagne since we were in France! All the locals would show up and drink champagne at the beach, so we thought we would try to fit in. 
Garrett has some French in his family heritage and you could totally tell. He looked just like a lot of the young  men in the south of France.

Beautiful Macaroons 

The marina's in Cannes were full of the most gorgeous yachts and sailboats from all over the world. It was so fun to be able to walk through the marina and read all of the boat names and where they were from. 

Lovely draping purple flowers.
So we were traveling at kind of an awkward time in Europe. The hotels either have their heat on or their air conditioning on, but they can't switch to the other one unless the service guys comes to do it. So for the first two weeks of our trip, we hardly slept because our hotel rooms were SO hot. We were so excited to see the air conditioning truck outside of our hotel after a long day at the beach!

On our last morning, we went and checked out the Forville Market. I believe this is where many of the local restaurants go to get their produce and dairy. We bought some fun salts to bring back home.

Our next stop is Piedmont, Italy! Another wine country area. 

Au revoir!

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