Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baby on Board!

We have some exciting news that I haven't announced yet on my blog. We've got a baby on board. :) Next Friday I will be 20 weeks pregnant! This is a picture of the little bump on our recent trip down to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. 
We took this picture of our flip flops with a pair of salt water sandals that Garrett wore as a baby to put up as our announcement on Facebook. We don't know what it is yet, but we get to find out next week!
 I am so excited to find out what it is. We have debated finding out now or when it is born and ultimately have decided that we would rather find out now with just the two of us in the room together since we are going to have my mom and sister also in the delivery room, and it also gives us something really exciting to look forward to halfway through the pregnancy!

My pregnancy so far has been really nice actually! No morning sickness, thank the Lord! I don't know how other women go to work and try to keep it a secret and also have to deal with feeling like throwing up all the time. I did find that exercising regularly, and eating a little bit of healthy food really often, (Not junk! Even though that is what your body is telling you to eat because it wants all those calories!) helped me to keep any nausea away. If I let myself get too hungry, I would start to feel a little bit nauseous so I just kept snacking for the first three months! I was wondering what all my coworkers were thinking of how often I was eating! 
My view of the bump and the edge of the waves in the ocean. 
  Here is a little photo journal of the little nugget so far. Not much to see yet.

Next weekend I am looking forward to our gender reveal BBQ we are planning with some family and friends. Our family is dying to find out what it is because on my mom's side of the family we have had only girls for three generations. My grandma has a sister and my grandma had two girls. My mom has a sister and had two girls and her sister, my Aunt, had 3 girls! It will just be crazy if I have a girl. Lately I have been feeling more like it is a girl. At first I thought boy, but now it feels more like a girl. 

I also started to feel it move at 18 weeks! That was such a wierd/amazing feeling that is so hard to describe!

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  1. OMG! Congratulations on your pregnancy. That's probably the reason why you look so radiant on the baby bump pics. I hope you're doing fine this coming June. Stay healthy and all the best with your pregnancy. :)

    Elli Degennaro @ Centennial ObGyn