Friday, August 10, 2012

First new house project - painting the brick fireplace

Our first home improvement project was to get rid of the bright red brick that was in the family room. Garrett really wanted to paint it a grey color and I eventually came around to the idea. It turned out to be a good one because we both really like it now. 

Don't you just love the pink carpet? We don't either, so that is going right after we get the brick painted.

Here it is all painted!

There was also brick in the entry way inside and out and we wanted it all to look uniform so we painted those too. Painting brick takes a lot of effort and my hands were so sore afterward!

Here is the progress.

Finished product! 

We are going to install a book shelf to fit in that little nook in the corner to hold all the stuff that is over there. And eventually I would like to get some nice candles to fill in the whole fireplace.

...... This seems to be a popular post so I want to update it to show what it looks like now!

We installed the mantel with the help of my dad. The board only cost us $18!! And then we stained it to match the built in bookshelf and the frame he also helped us install over the fireplace.
It looks so much better than it did when we first moved in!


  1. How did you install the frame around the fireplace? Did it have to be custom made?

  2. Oh, and did you paint the inside black? Looks great!

  3. We didn't paint it black on the inside. It was already like that. And yes, my dad built us the custom frame. :)